Waggle Dance Beer


One thought on “Waggle Dance Beer


    The bees and beer,

    a fine romance,

    it makes me want,

    to waggle dance.

    Ten out of ten,

    I doff my hat,

    t’s the beer for that!!

    One pint, my tastebuds

    come alive,

    Two more downed

    and I start to jive.

    Free then it flows,

    my once still stance,

    as I perform,

    the Waggle dance.

    I feel footloose

    so wild and free.

    As I make like,

    those honey bees.

    Two steps in front,

    then two behind.

    A figured eight,

    meandered wind.

    A sip too many,

    my mind’s boggled,

    so hard becomes.

    that wiggle woggle.

    It’s like you’re wearing

    disco pants.

    When in the spell

    of Waggle dance.

    Just make sure that,

    no one else sees.

    Not least of all,

    those busy bees!!

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