Crocosmia and vase#3

Copyright © 2012 Darrell Steele.


6 thoughts on “Crocosmia and vase#3

  1. Fantastic shot! (Although if you want to be super hyper critical, they’re Crocosmia, a sort of iris, not Lilies). Great shot though, love the illustrative quality of the image.

  2. This is beautiful, love the background you used. Was that added as a texture layer on post processing or was that the actual background when you took the photo?

    1. Hi Gracie, thanks for the comment and so glad you like my photograph.

      The background is an old canvas background that I used for portraits. A large piece of black card with a aperture cut in it was placed between the background and the light to give the effect of side window lighting. The only post processing used was the usual sharpening, cropping, colour balancing and a little dodging and burning.

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