Micheal Kors Ladies Watch

Michael Kors#1_1

Copyright © 2013 Darrell Steele


7 thoughts on “Micheal Kors Ladies Watch

      1. I always appreciate really great studio still life product photography. I can imagine that photographing an item, like this cool time-piece, has its challenges dealing with ALL of the highly reflective surfaces and needing to get a macro-shot with all the fine details.

        I was wondering: With a client like Micheal Kors, do you have a lot of other people in the studio watching you as your work, or do they just give you the watch and say, “Here it is – work your magic?” I’m just curious.

    1. Thanks Yvonne, I do love a challenge lol. The background is a rusty piece of steel found in the garden, it has a great colour and texture to it. I used a small vanity mirror to reflect some light to highlight the orange hues. Thanks for the comment.

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