Vintage Camera – Mamiya 645

mamiya #2 low

Copyright © 2015 Darrell Steele.

Mamiya #1 low

Copyright © 2015 Darrell Steele.

mamiya#2 low

Copyright © 2015 Darrell Steele.

10 thoughts on “Vintage Camera – Mamiya 645

  1. Vintage…..well I sup pose some folk would define it as vintage but for many years and until very recently it has been a very good work horse for me….naming it vintage makes me feel very old😊

    1. Your right David ‘Vintage’ does seem a tad unkind but I guess in time the title will be fitting. Like yourself its been a good work horse to me also – I think thats why I felt the need to take it off the shelf and take its portrait. ☺

      1. I remember feeling incredibly sad when i sold my Nikon gear, it was as if I’d lost a good friend lol. I suppose the most important thing is not to lose the enthusiasm for photography itself. Digital cameras just don’t seem to have the character of film cameras do they?!😞

      2. That is true in many respects. But I wish we had invented digital mush sooner in many respects. That said I do chuckle at all the so called ‘experts’ who deride Photoshop…..they forget all the manipulation that went on with black and white processing and the filtration of Colour prints. …..but don’t lets start that debate!!!

      3. Totally agree David. I certainly dont miss the smell of fixer, stop bath, fogging, dust in the negative carrier, the hours spent in the dark to achieve just one print! Digital all the way for me i’m afraid.

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