Bulb Splash #1

Copyright © 2012 Darrell Steele

90 thoughts on “Bulb Splash #1

  1. Holy cow…you are an amazing photographer! Amazing shot! I am officially giving you your gold star for the day. 😉


  2. Oh wow I am loving the strong contrast between the blue against the red, it really makes it pop out. It is a very lovely blue and I love how you caught it sinking but still with enough time to see the splash. Love it!

  3. I can’t believe this picture… I love the colours and water is such a charming and illusive thing to photograph. I’m also amazed that it sank enough for this picture cause lighbulbs are full of air… one in a million :] xx

    1. Many thanks. Throwing the bulb into the water without smashing it was a bit dicey, but as you see the bouyancy of the bulb righting its self was the decisive moment. If that makes sense..

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